Direct Visualization System

Endosee® Advance

Endosee® Advance is the “See Now, Know Now™” device that incorporates the benefits of direct visualisation without the limitations of traditional hysteroscopy.

About Endosee® Advance

Endosee® Advance is the “See Now, Know Now” device that incorporates the benefits of direct visualization without the limitations of traditional hysteroscopy. Its ergonomic, handheld design allows for precise control and ease of use so you can advance patient care and your practice.

Advance with reusable instruments allows you to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures efficiently and effectively in your office.

Helping to find the cause of many common female health concerns

Endosee Advance, the direct visualization system, is a compact, handheld tool that lets your doctor see the inside of your uterus quickly and easily right in their office. This procedure provides immediate diagnostic information at the time of your visit to help reduce your stress and worry of waiting.

Endosee Advance features a thin tube that is inserted into your uterus (womb). A tiny camera on the end helps your doctor see if there are any visible issues, such as growths (like polyps or fibroids) or other conditions. These issues can be the cause of several common concerns women face, such as abnormal bleeding and infertility.

Since the Endosee Advance System can be used in your doctor’s office, most women avoid having to go to the operating room or go under anesthesia.

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